Boarding Christmas term


Weekend Boarding

Boarding weekends are a relaxing mixture of free time, making use of the facilities at school like the swimming pool and squash courts, games, movie nights and fun outings. 

Here are just three weekends ...

Tie Dye and Go Ape

Creative houseparent Mrs Jeram ensured that the boarders had a wonderful weekend.  After a hearty English breakfast, the boarders set about tie dying tee shirts with some fantastic results.

Lunch was a delicious roast dinner after which the boarders headed off to Alice Holt Country Park for an afternoon of high rope activity in the trees with Go Ape.  It was thrilling and challenging!

I enjoyed making my colourful tee shirt and the Go Ape activities were really exciting. 



After a delicious Saturday supper, Houseparents Mr and Mrs Pitman introduced the boarders to the card game called Spoons. “Spoons?” the boarders asked!  Spoons is a card game of guile, intrigue and spoons. See the photos to see the game in action and you'll see that a rip-roaring and competitive time was had by all!

Another game they had a go at was the taste-bud challenging “Beanboozled” game.  Was that bean toasted marshmellow or spoiled milk, birthday cake or dog food?  

After a good night’s sleep, and before the frost had fully thawed, shoes were clean after which the boarders headed out into the frosty grounds. With Christmas approaching it seemed only right to visit the very Christmassy retail shop The Range. “There’s everything here!” said the boarders and how right they were: inflatable jacuzzis, giant keyboards and lots of decorations, some of which made it back to decorate the dorms. The Pitmans finished the afternoon off by taking everyone to Flip Out. They report that there are some serious bouncers amongst our full time boarders!

Beach Walk

Houseparents Mr and Mrs Cousens took the boarders to Littlehampton for a lovely autumnal walk along the beach. They took time out to look for interesting items and explored the famous ‘Longest Bench in the World’ at the back of the promenade. As the skies turned dark, it was time to head to the Entertainment Centre with George Lin hitting the jackpot on one of the more popular games!

The weekend also included games in the sports hall and an early morning walk around the entire lake to soak in some terrific seasonal colours. The Cousens wanted to thank Chef Teresa for laying on magnificent meals throughout the weekend.

Week Night Activities

The houseparents capture pictures of the boarders during the week getting up to fun with friends once the school day and prep has been completed.

Below are a few photos of the boarding boys cooking up a pancake storm in the Food Tech kitchen, plus birthdays and games.