Anti-Bullying Week


The pastoral care team at Westbourne House has been championing kindness and a deeper understanding of bullying and how to prevent it in line with Anti-Bullying Week.

Over two weeks a range of activities have take place from the Kindness Committee's campaign to spread kindness and positivity, assemblies and class time on bullying and respect for others, and a whole school 'Wear Blue' dress up day.

As explained by BullyingUK: "We all know someone who has experienced bullying in some aspect of their life. We recognise that the impact of bullying can be a very difficult process to overcome. Our wear blue day is in recognition of all those who have suffered from bullying or are experiencing this to come together and stand up to bullying."

Prep School Assembly

Mr Barker discussed with the children the difference between unkindness and bullying.    

He told the pupils: "The most important thing for me is that you are happy to come to school every day and feel safe."  

He explained that it is Anti-Bullying Week this week and he asked the children to read two definitions projected onto the screen in the Millennium Hall.  

  • Unkindness: not treating someone very well or not considering someone’s feelings.  
  • Bullying: repeated behaviour which is intended to hurt someone emotionally or physically  

A quiz followed where the children were asked to decide whether a statement was unkindness or bullying, such as:  

  • calling someone names  
  • hitting or shoving  
  • ignoring another person and encouraging others to do the same  

There were many hands in the air and children answered confidently, giving the reasons why they thought their answer was correct.    

“It could be bullying if someone does it again and again, ” said one. “If you shove someone once as you are rushing down the corridor it is unkind,” said another.  “It is bullying because you are asking other people to do something again and again," one pupil added.  

Mr Barker concluded: “There shouldn’t be any bullying at all but if it happens, tell a teacher.  Don’t suffer in silence, it is something we have to deal with."  

Wear Blue and Be You Day

Pupils across the school dressed in blue to show their solidarity against bullying and to remind one another to choose kindness.

At the end of the day Years 5 and 6 watched the film 'Wonder', aimed at provoking positive discussion about accepting people for who they are.  'Wonder' tells the incredibly heartwarming and inspiring story of August Pullman, a boy with facial differences who enters fifth grade, attending mainstream school for the first time.  In addition the kindness committee members kindly handed out some popcorn at the film event.