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Children at Westbourne House acheive outstanding results whilst enjoying the most special years of their childhood.

We are happy to do all we can to help you discover whether Westbourne House is right for your child. To book a tour, or for any other query, please contact Aline Pilcher on 01243 782 739 or admissions@westbournehouse.org.

We have listed below the various steps you can take to get to know Westbourne House, its teachers and community as well as information on entry points, boarding and the admissions process.

Find out more
There is a wealth of information here on our website and our printed prospectus complements this: request a prospectus. You can also have a ‘look around’ our school with our virtual tour.  
Come and experience the school and discover what makes Westbourne House so special. At any time, we would be delighted to arrange an individual tour of the school for you and throughout the year we have a series of tours and family fun days. Learn more = visit us.
Come for a taster day
When you have been on a tour, your child or children would be very welcome to come and explore Westbourne House further on a taster day. 
In the Prep School, not all interests and subjects can be covered in one day’s timetable, so, if you feel a further taster day would be beneficial, we can arrange another. 
Entry Points
Pre-Nursery and Nursery (age 2 ½ - 4)
Children join Westbourne House Pre-Nursery at 2 ½ years old. In the September following their third birthday, they move into the Nursery. Pre-Nursery children come in for a minimum of three sessions a week; Nursery children do at least four mornings a week. They may also stay to lunch. 
Pre-Prep (ages 4 – 7)
The Pre-Prep teaches children from Reception (age 4) to the end of Year 2. Each year has a minimum of two classes.  Places may be available during the academic year, so please contact us for more information.
Prep School (ages 7 – 13)
There are two main intakes into the Prep School:  in Year 3, aged 7, and in Year 7, aged 11. 
Westbourne House is a top-flight prep school with an exceptional record of getting children into the very best senior schools at the end of Year 8 (over the past six years, our pupils have secured nearly 150 scholarships). If you are looking for an alternative route to senior school, without your child being subject to unnecessary pressure, come and see us with a view to your son or daughter spending Years 7 and 8 with us. They will enjoy all the benefits of excellent teaching, a broad curriculum and plenty of clean fresh air, and will arrive at senior school more mature, more prepared and more confident. 
Places may well be available in the other years, so please don't hesitate to ask.
We have very special ‘home from home’, family-style boarding here at Westbourne House and this is a perfect stepping-stone for children who will be boarding at senior school.  
We offer full-time, part-time, weekend and flexi boarding from Year 3 (aged 8).  
Boarding is a great option for families in London who would like their children to get into top senior schools in a calm, stress-free way that enables them to stay children for longer. 
Fees and Bursaries
Please visit the Fees and Scholarships and Bursaries pages for more information.
The Admissions Process
Westbourne House is a non-selective school, so your child will not be required to sit any assessments tests. 
Our main intake is at the start of each academic year, in September. However, we appreciate that everything doesn’t always go according to plan and are happy to accept children at other times of the year when needed. Subject to availability, our admissions process can take as little as one day!  
You can register your child for a place at Westbourne House School at any time. Most parents choose to register early to secure a place. If you would like to register, we will ask you to complete a form and return it with a £50 deposit and a copy of your child’s birth certificate. 
Completion of the Acceptance Form is the formal agreement that signifies your child will be joining Westbourne House. We will send you an Acceptance Form in the Christmas term before your child starts at Westbourne House. This form should be completed and returned with a deposit of £500 (when your child leaves the school, the deposit is returned).
Getting ready to join us
We want children to arrive at school on their first day full of excitement and with a big smile.
All new children come and spend a little time in their current year group in June, a few months short of their start date.  The amount of time will vary from just a few hours if you are going to the Nursery, up to a full day at the Prep School.  This gives children a chance to meet classmates, teachers and get a feel for the school.
We want you to feel at home before your child starts, too.  In August, just before your child joins us, we will give you access to the secure area of our website, which opens up a wealth of practical information.  The office is also open throughout the summer holidays and our team is always ready to answer any questions you may have.  
The vast majority of uniform, new and second-hand, can be bought on site and the shops are open during term-time and, on a reduced timetable, during the holidays. 
Before your child starts at Westbourne House, you will also receive a year group address list, which gives contact details of all the other families in your child’s year group, so you can see who lives close-by and set up play dates and car sharing if you wish.  Plus your child’s class representative (a volunteer parent) will give you a call to say hello and welcome you to our parent community.


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