Charitable Community Spirit

We actively encourage all our pupils to get involved in the many and varied fundraising activities for our local, national and international charities.

Every two years, we select five charities to support and we get to know these charities well over a two-year partnership. We also raise funds for the Westbourne House Bursary Fund, which gives local children the chance to benefit from the unique educational experience at Westbourne House, irrespective of parental means.

As you can imagine, as well as making a positive impact on our chosen charities, there are rich rewards for our pupils, parents and staff as everyone pulls together to make a difference.  Talks from our charities help the children to have a broader perspective on life, and we find that pupils increasingly step up to take the lead in organising events and coming up with ideas. 

Every other year, a group of parents and staff form a charity committee that organises a large charity ball at the school. The Gatsby, our most recent ball, was phenomenally successful raising a staggering £68,000.

Over the years 2016 - 2018, Westbourne House supported Winston’s Wish, Mary’s Meals, The Royal British Legion 14-18 legacy, Sussex Snowdrop Trust, Dementia Support and the Westbourne House Bursary Fund. The grand total over the two year period was in excess of a £100k and as a community we are extremely proud of this achievement.

The charities for 2018 - 2020 will be shortlisted and the children will cast their vote during the Christmas term 2018.