Year 4 visit Clink Prison


Our Year 4 children had an eventful day when they visited Clink Prison Museum in London.  The Clink Prison Museum is built upon the original site of the historic Clink Prison in Southwark. The site's impressive history dates back to 1144 meaning it is not only one of England’s most notorious prisons, but also definitely one of, if not the oldest in the country. Pupils gained knowledge of everyday life, including food, social issues, power within the country and religion.

The children loved examining the medieval torture devices and finding out what life was like as a medieval prisoner.

“The best bit was learning about all the different punishments and I loved being dragged around in handcuffs!”  said one Year 4 boy.

The Tate Modern was also a big hit with fantastic sculptures and incredible blasts of colour. One girl added: “My favourite was the huge tower or radios and TVs, the upside down piano was also cool but lots of people thought the lobster on the phone was the best."