Wellbeing and Mental Health in Isolation


Westbourne House’s sector leading programme, Learning4Life, focusses on the skills we need throughout life.

After the outbreak of Covid-19, Learning4Life sessions focussed on helping children deal with the pandemic. Lessons included alleviating the children's concerns by giving them clear, fact-checked information and giving the pupils preventative strategies to build their resilience against mental health issues and to help them develop strategies for being in isolation.

The children thought about a daily routine which may be useful for families to adopt or emulate.  All the Prep School pupils  were involved and the children of course came up with many versions of a structured day.  

The teachers also gave tips for maintaining wellbeing in isolation.

A sense of wellbeing depends on five strands:

  • Being able to use your STRENGTHS
  • Being HEALTHY in body and mind
  • Having a wide PERSPECTIVE on life
  • Having MEANING and purpose in what you are doing
  • Having strong RELATIONSHIPS


Outside of Learning4Life, pupils were also trained in using Google Classroom of which there are a few photos below.