Talk Education - School Editors


Talk Education, a digital schools guide which helps give parents a behind the scenes view, launched a competition in September to find bright photographers, writers and videographers to feature on their website and to help spread the word about what makes each school so great.

We are delighted to announce that we have three winners:

Photographer - A group of girls in Year 8 entered the photographer competition together: Alice D, Carys K, Honor Pu, Honor Pe, India M, Lucy P, Olivia M.  They were selected for their fabulous photos which are included below.

Writer - Marcus B, Year 7, entered the competition as a writer and produced a fabulous piece of work, which you can read below.

Videographer - Amelie R (Year 8) grilled one of her peers on the joys of boarding and Talk Education would like to see more of her work. Click through to see the video.

Our Schools Editors were announced last Friday in the Talk Education website, and you can click through see them on the Talk Education website.

Well done to all!


Journalist: Marcus, Year 7

The rain poured, the wind howled, yet still the battle raged on. I, on one side of the battlefield, faced my opponent over the white wall in the centre, weapon in hand. We were completely concentrated, blocking out everything else as we strained to make sure our attacks were not affected by the wind. The spectators on the sidelines chanted, cheered or whispered “Scuff!” to us, enjoying the raging battle in front of them. 

The ball whizzed back and forth over the table and rebounded with deadly accuracy on to the other side of the white net. I and the other boy were neck and neck, evenly matched, battling for the title of king of the court. Our paddles were held in sweaty hands, the rain made the ball curve or bounce at odd angles. “Surely one will lose soon!” thought the next challengers. But no! Each seemed to know what the other was going to do before they did it! 

Even though the grand battle was happening just outside the staffroom window, the teachers of Westbourne House School were unaware of this exciting match for kingship. But just as one teacher saw it, the battle was over; the old king trudged off in shame, the new king (me) raised his paddle in victory!