Skills and Endurance in Sport


Pupils have continued to follow their normal timetable of lessons, which of course involves lots of time dedicated to fitness and sport.  Come rain or shine, our PE department has worked hard with all the pupils to try and get a balance between live Zoom fitness sessions and guided PE lessons, which encourage screen-free time and creativity.

Each week has had a different focus and here Mrs Pullen, Sports Teacher, explains more:

Skills Week

"The pupils in Years 3 - 8 were given the opportunity for more independence and a chance to show us their skills! The challenge for their games lessons was to pick a sport and try and work on improving their technique. Some followed online videos, some followed skills and circuits created by the PE dept, some made up their own session and all of Year 6 had a juggling lesson with Mr Smith!  We saw brilliant football skills and hockey goalkeeping amongst many."

Endurance Week

"Our focus for week was 'Endurance'. We talked about examples of endurance and asked pupils to try and do something that raised their pulse rate for at least 20 mins of their 45-minute lesson. They would then come back to the lesson and tell us what they had done and some took photos and videos to show us.

Miss Pullen continued: “The children have impressed us all through every area we have been doing so far. It is wonderful to see them taking the initiative to use their independent fitness time creatively – from climbing stairs, designing work outs, trampolining, running, skipping and cycling to name but a few.

“We have been blown away by their high spirits and energy to participate in this less familiar form of games lessons and we want to thank them all for joining in with so much enthusiasm." 

"I love lockdown sports lessons" said Year 3 pupil, "because the things we do are really different."

"Yes," said their friend, "It's really good because the teachers make it as fun and interesting as they do at school."