Scholarships and Awards to our pupils in 2018/19


Scholarships 2018/19:

We have an excellent record in enabling talented pupils to gain scholarships to a range of public schools. Scholarships are won for academic work as well as for sport, music, art, drama and for all round ability.

This is an accumulative list that will be added to throughout the year as scholarships are awarded to pupils.

Brighton College

Joshua Barratt – Music Scholarship
Polly Bigham – Choral Scholarship
Rumi Mansoubi – Choral Scholarship

Canford School

Dill Howell – Sport Scholarship
Imogen Marley – Sport Scholarship
Edward Timberlake – Music Exhibition
Edward Timberlake – Sport Scholarship
Edward Timberlake – Academic Scholarship

Cranleigh School

Zubin Chinwala – Art Scholarship
Tallulah Partridge – Choral Exhibition

Harrow School

Leo Mazrani – Music Exhibition


Barnaby Lawford – Sport Scholarship
Elsie Mackenzie – Sport Scholarship
Bobby McCulloch – Drama Scholarship

Lancing College

Hannah Cleallsmith – Academic Scholarship
Hannah Cleallsmith – Music Exhibition


Imogen Marley – Sport Scholarship
Imogen Marley – All-Rounder Scholarship

Portsmouth Grammar School

Francesca Aston – All-Rounder Scholarship
Henry Langford – Academic Scholarship
Eden Littlefair – Nock Exhibition
James McCallum – Music Exhibition
Edward Timberlake – All-Rounder Scholarship

Portsmouth High School

Sophia Tracey – Sport Scholarship

Seaford College

Freddie Bell – Sport Scholarship
Tom Howeson – Chess Scholarship
Lulu James – Equestrian Scholarship
Lulu James – Sport Scholarship
Tegan Lyne – 11+ Sport Scholarship
Elsie Mackenzie – Sport Scholarship
Melissa Maslin – Art Scholarship

Scholarships 2017/18:

In 2017/18,  a total of 46 scholarships were awarded to pupils.  Read more about the scholarships and destination schools for leavers.

As Mr Barker, Headmaster, said, "Surely there can be no greater testament to the quality of our teaching here than such an amazing number of scholarships and awards. As a non-selective school, children are obviously making fantastic progress throughout their time here, as judged by the wide variety of senior schools that we feed."