Scaremows do their job in No Mow May


Parents and visitors might well have wondered about the little clay and stick people, which can be seen encircling an area between the Art and Science blocks.

These are scaremows, made by Year 4, which are designed to scare away the lawn mowers at Westbourne House.  This allows the flowers to bloom on the lawn, which provides a vital source of nectar for bees and other insects in May.  

The flowers and pollinating insects were surveyed at the start and end of the month.  Pupils hoped the scaremow area would encourage pollinators into our environment.

Westbourne House is part of an initiative to encourage pollinators called X-Polli:Nation, and pupils are learning about pollinating insects and animals, how to improve our spaces and how to encourage others to do the same.  

To improve our spaces, the children have also been planting wildflower seeds. 

In their practical Chemistry lesson Year 6 pupils have been looking at bee and wasp sting venoms, and how to neutralise their stings with household remedies.

They also learnt about how bees and wasps pollinate, and how vital they are to preserve our food chains and the environment.

Head of Science, Mrs Bagshaw, said: “The children were linking their learning about acids and alkalis, while at the same time realising the impact insects have on our environment.

“They also had to independently research some key facts about bees and wasps - discoveries included that bees can fly up to 12mph!!”