Sandcastles and Beach Clean


Year 2 were lucky to have a glorious, sunny day for their visit to West Wittering beach for the first part of their Wilderness Day.

We had three aims for the beach trip: to build sandcastles, play a game of rounders and to have a beach clean up.  Underpinning these were some HPL targets: to be creative with our castle building and to be agile, that is to be open minded, experiment and think around problems; to work as a team for all three activities; and to use our prior knowledge, about science and ecology, to think about the problem of rubbish and plastic on beaches and how we can help solve it, showing our concern for the world around us.

The children certainly did build some amazing sandcastles and forts and were enthusiastic about all the activities, after which they enjoyed a well-deserved ice-cream.

Once they returned to school it was time for a woodland walk followed by canoeing on the Westbourne Lake. What an incredible in the Wilderness Day.