Remote Learning in the Summer Term


The overarching aims of Westbourne House at Home remote learning include continued academic progress, inspiring activities to enthuse the children and continued pastoral care.

Westbourne House has a talented and diverse staff team, who pulled out all the stops. Our teachers continue spark a love of learning in our pupils via our online platforms, as well as being there for the children and supporting their wellbeing.

Mr Barker, Headmaster of Westbourne House

Westbourne House set out to prepare the best possible online education and overall learning experience for pupils during lockdown.

Taking feedback from parent surveys into account, the school offers a flexible approach to remote learning which takes into consideration different family situations including the number of devices available, varying broadband connections and family work requirements.

Lessons start with Zoom meeting to launch the learning.  Teachers also pre-record the introduction which remains accessible at any time to allow for flexibility. The teachers are readily accessible through various media to help the children.  Timetabled lessons include academic subjects as well as art, cooking, music, drama and sport.  Additionally, children can opt into an extra activity session each afternoon set aside for whole school experiences, which include cooking, art, sport, extra music, debating, as well as drama.

Whilst formulating Westbourne House at Home, the senior leadership team looked at the experience of teachers and schools in countries that underwent lockdown before the UK. Indications showed that children valued the interaction with their teachers enormously, either to help with work, or simply to chat through how things are going. The resulting timetables gave plenty of opportunity for the children to interact with their teachers throughout the day, in lessons and in pastoral sessions.

Mrs Pollock, Head of Pastoral Care, said: “Whilst much attention has rightly been given to the academic provision offered by our school, care and thought has also been invested in the pastoral care we offer our pupils remotely– care the pupils would normally receive on a daily and weekly basis when at school.”

“We have built in pastoral contact times at both the beginning and the end of the day. In addition, we have ensured we continue our Learning4Life (L4L) sessions which serve as an additional layer of contact and support. We want these pastoral opportunities to serve as touch-stones of normality for the children, in the days and weeks ahead.”

At the younger end of the school in our Pre-Prep and Nursery, Headteacher Caroline Oglethorpe, commented: “We embrace this extraordinary opportunity to work together as a community, helping and supporting each other, as we all work to be flexible, creative, adaptable and simply to do our best.”

We have been totally bowled over by the online provision you have provided. My son has remained completely engaged and has felt genuinely connected throughout this term with both friends and staff through your Zoom lessons.

Parent, Year 8