Real Tennis vs Wellington


Westbourne House Year 8 boarders played their first Real Tennis match of the season against a Year 9 team from Wellington. The Wellington team had some more experienced players, and was led by Toby Barton (Old Westbournian), who was last year’s first pair at Westbourne House and had won the National U13 tournament during his final year.

All the boys played two doubles matches against Wellington and notable victories were had by the pairings of Raph and Ashton, and Seb and Fin. The pairings of William and Ollie, and Rufus and Jack B, played the toughest matches against the top two Wellington pairs and in some very tight matches played well and nearly caused an upset.

Wellington won the overall competition, but the Westbourne House boys had gained a valuable experience in match play and showed great progression throughout the afternoon. 

Real Tennis - first match vs Wellington
Real Tennis - first match vs Wellington