Learning Something New in Lockdown


Mr Cousens, Head of Year 8, has been encouraging pupils to learn a new skill or do something different during lockdown.

Year 8 pupil, Charlie Stewart, has launched his own podcast, which he wanted to share in order to encourage others to do the same.

Charlie said, "I have really loved doing it – everything from the planning, the interviewing guests, getting ideas, recording, getting a new microphone and my range of listeners has been amazing. When I was smaller, my sister and I used to do a pretend radio station called Stewart News about our everyday lives so without realising I have been practising all this time! It’s all been so fun!”

“I was inspired to do this by Mr Cousens, our Head of Year 8, who suggested we look at learning a new skill for the Duke of Edinburgh course."

The podcast episodes are released weekly on Sunday and there are four to listen to so far with another one coming up this Sunday. 

Charlie continued: “The first episode includes some fun facts and embarrassing stories! The second includes an interview with a friend from my class about lockdown learning. The third is a VE day special which features an interview with a local resident about his memories of VE day and a performance of the Last Post. The fourth includes an interview with my sister who is also now doing a podcast.

Charlie highly recommends making a podcast and has enjoyed the planning of his shows, as well as interviewing guests. Here are some of his recommended apps he highlights in his podcast episode three:  Soundhound, WalP, Zedge, WTMP, Houseparty and Alto's Adventure.

Charlie added: “I used Anchor.fm to set up, it’s really easy to use and helped me to make my podcast. It has been a really great experience and really kept me going through quarantine!” 

To listen to Charlie’s podcast  - Time Out with Charlie use this link: https://anchor.fm/charlie-stewart/ or if you have spotify type in “Time out with Charlie”

Click here for the podcast