Junior Sports Day


Years 3 and 4 competed in Junior Sports Day.  Our sports days are organised around the children's patrol (house) of which there are four: Owl, Otter, Panther and Tiger.

Year 4 kicked off sports day by competing in the 75m sprint. Tigers won most of the races but the other patrols also won at least one race. The quickest boy of the morning was Tiger Johnny Kitchin with a time of 11.50 seconds and the quickest girl was Tiger Penny Clarke with a time of 12.16 seconds. Of the 48 pupils, 40 achieved a new personal best (PB) time!

Year 4 then moved to their field events and Year 3 took to the track. Year 3 also competed in the 75m sprint event. The Owls and the Tigers won all of these races. The quickest boy of the morning was Tiger Casimir Kent with at time of 12.04 seconds and the quickest girl was Owl Imogen Fry with a time of 13.46 seconds. Of the 23 pupils, 18 achieved a new PB!

The Year 3 egg and spoon race was next. There were various techniques and tactics used in this event but the Tigers seemed to have this event sussed and won the majority of the races.

The Year 3 finished their individual events with the dress up race. Running in oversized wellies whilst trying to put on a jacket and then a hat proved tricky but all made it safely over the finish line!

Long jump for Year 4 was a successful event and nearly every competitor jumped a new PB! The winner of the girls’ competition came from Tiger Fleur Baker with a jump of 2.80m. The winner of the boys’ competition came from Owl Harry Read with a jump of 2.65m.

The Year 4 ball throw also proved a great opportunity for yet more PBs. The winner of the girls’ competition was Panther Connie O’Connell with a score of 21.56m. The winner of the boys’ competition was Tiger Freddie Simons with a big throw of 33.74m.

Although the Year 4 high jump didn’t yield many PBs for the majority of the competitors, it still provided enormous excitement and suspense as Otter Rafferty Matthews broke the school record by 5cm with a height of 1.25m! The record was so old that there wasn’t even a name to it. Panthers Bea Nelson and Esme Richards won the girls’ competition with a height of 0.95m.

The afternoon ended with all pupils from all patrols competing in relay races. The Year 3 pupils competed first and the Tigers won. The Year 4 Otter girls won their relay and then the Year 4 Tiger boys ended the afternoon with yet another win.

Once the scores were all added up the Owls finished in 4th place with 70 points, the Otters were 3rd with 83 points, the Panthers were 2nd with 94 points and the Tigers were clear winners with 119 points.