Junior Maths Challenge


Earlier in November, all our pupils in Year 6 and many in Year 5, took part in the nationwide Primary Maths Challenge.

This annual competition asks pupils a range of questions which test their problem-solving skills and understanding of how numbers work.

Our Head of Maths, Lucy Low, said: “We do this national competition every year and our marks have really improved. I am so proud that all our Year 6 pupils took part and many Year 5s. Well done to everyone who took part.”

Eight pupils achieved Gold Awards, 19 pupils achieved Silver and 27 pupils were awarded Bronze.

Congratulations to the certificate winners:


Teddy H-N, Ardra J, Cynthia J, Mya L-G, Rocco M, Sam S, Charlie W, Freddie W


Dottie B, Hazel B, Harry C, Freddy C, Stanley C, Bea C, Monty F, Emma G, Finn K, Alastair K, Lucas M, James M, Magnus N, Ollie O, Vivien O’S, Jamie R, Wilf R, Hebe S, Freddie T


Lucy A, Ben C, Emma F, George H, Angus M, James M, Xander O’C, Hugo R, Safi T, Tom W, Bea W, Daisy W, Andrew X, Hetty B, Freddie B, Tilly C, Teddy G, Jay G, Georgie M, Margie N, Finn P, Jude R, Lana S, William T, Joshua T-F

the children with their certificates for the maths challenge