Haircuts, snails and talent shows


Year 4's last week of term included some alternative events:

Snail Race

They made a track and the snails - Bubbles, Ellie and Turbo - were prepared!

Three Year 4 pupils came up with an idea... a fun snail race for the last week of term. They created beautiful snail habitats for the contestants, a smooth track, track side signs and their classmates made posters bearing the name of their favourite to win.

It was an even race to start but Bubbles took an early lead and was the first to make it to the lettuce and tomatoes. As Mr Stewart commented: "He really wanted to win... look at him showboating and dancing in the lettuce!"

Charity Hair Cut

The children in Year 4 were keen to do something special to support the school’s wonderful charities. Mr Stewart knew that one of his pupils would like to be a hairdresser as she expressed an interest in improving his hair style!  He set a target: raise over £300 and his hair could be cut!  With £335 raised, Salon Benzie was in action on the last day of term.  Mr Stewart looked fabulous with his shorter hair, complete with bright purple hair spray!  Thank you to all the parents for your donations.

"Mr Stewart, you’re a very brave man, good luck!  My daughter has had a fabulous year and we are both very grateful for everything you have done for her. She has grown enormously in the last 12 months and she’s really benefitted from your understanding of her."


"Thanks for a brilliant year, Wilf has loved every minute! Very happy to donate to the do!"


Talent Show

Our Year 4 pupils have a talent show every Wednesday and the children can do anything they like. In the final, at the end of term, we had rappers and Guns N' Roses performances, to painted flamingoes. In the end, it was a skateboarder from West Wittering who took the glitter ball first prize this year.  This pupil's persistance and determination to learn to skateboard and master tricks and ramps after endless practice gave him the edge, the judges said. 

Mr Stewart said: “All the children make such a great effort every week - it’s very inspiring. This was a lovely end to the year. Year 4, you should be very proud of yourselves.”