Go Westbourne triathletes!


Congratulations to all who took part in the Flight Centre Schools Triathlon 2022, held at Charterhouse and Cranleigh School this year. This event is organised by Restless Development, a global development charity aiming to build youth leadership and making a positive impact on the wider world. The children swam, cycled and ran in teams of four and demonstrated great sportsmanship, shared many triumphs and had great fun with their friends.

Some of the teams' funky names included: "The Westbourne Wolves", "Team Custard Cream", "Savage Cabbages", "Fearless Foursome", "Fidgety Foursome", "The Storytellers", "Fab Five" and of course, the "I will decide a team name later"! Some teams faced difficulties even before the triathlon began, but they kept calm and carried on. At the last minute, Marissa bravely stepped into a team with a missing team member and "The Storytellers" were determined to compete as a duo when the rest of their team couldn't make it. We were impressed with how well the children overcame many challenges and showed resilience. 

Not only did the children swim, run and cycle, they also worked hard to raise money for our school charities as well as Restless Development. Lots of teams asked for sponsorship via Justgiving to raise money, there were many cake stalls popping up in local villages, one young O'Connell busked in Midhurst, the Hagues took to the road with litter picking, the Kameens had an exciting car boot sale and Robbie baked his way to being one of Restless Development's top fundraisers. We have heard so many positive things about this event from our children and parents. A big thank you to all the sponsors who supported this event and well done to everybody involved!