Fabulous Fireworks at Boarders' Bonfire Night


Bonfire Night is a much-loved and a massive tradition at Westbourne House School and there was no doubt that our boarders absolutely loved it last night. 

Head of Boarding, Mark Forsyth, said: “Last night was a wonderful evening albeit a little bit different because we could not invite our boarders’ families to enjoy the evening with us and each house was socially-distanced as they watched the fireworks. But that didn’t stop the children having an excellent time and they loved lighting the bonfire and the ‘epic’ fireworks.

"It was a great shame parents could not join us for the fireworks and a traditional glass of wine with the fabulous fireworks display but we have taken lots of pictures for you to enjoy the event as well.

"The children had hot dogs and hot chocolate for tea. The lighting of the fire and the fire itself was amazing and I am sure it will be a night that will be remembered for a long time to come."