End of term Junior Assembly


What a wonderful celebration assembly for Years 3 and 4; teachers and children shared their favourite, ’sweet memories’ of the year and together they celebrated achievements in the term from the classroom - both academic and behaviour - and the sports field.   Mr Barker joined the assembly to hand out a very special commendation to Freddie F for his community-spirited action of tidying up the basement changing rooms without being asked. 

Favourite memories shared included 'seeing all the Year 4s go further than they thought they could on the high wire', ‘joining the school and feeling so welcomed by the class’, 'the end of term magic show’, ‘learning dance moves in form time’, ‘brilliant homemade documentaries during lockdown, including the one when Loftus was rowing down the Amazon river and caught a massive fish, which was actually his sister’ and ‘the visit to the Ancient Egyptian tomb in the basement of the school’.  These lovely memories were met by murmurs of agreement from everyone.

Mr Barker also asked the children to tell him the focus of the term and the correct reply came back: ‘be the best you can be’.  He reminded pupils that the best way to do this is by trying really hard in everything you do.   He said he'd read all of their reports and he was really pleased to see that lots of the children’s effort grades were as high as they can be - a ‘1’.

All the Year 3 and 4 form captains gave their form teacher a thank you present along with a special message for the end of term.  Mr Halliday, who leaves us at the end of this term, was told: ‘We will all miss you - you make the lessons so fun."