Colours 2021-22


Each term, we award colours to children who go the extra mile in various spheres of school life.  The following children have been awarded colours in this academic year.

Community Colours: Awarded to pupils who are dedicated to ensuring functions in the school run well and who give their time generously and willingly.

Chapel Choir

Nicholas A
Josie B
Elizabeth L
Max S
Sonny T
Alice Y

Academic Colours: Awarded not just for academic excellence but also for insatiable academic curiosity in and out of the classroom.

Arts Colours: Awarded to those who show consistency in the development of their artistic and creative talents to a very high standard of excellence, coupled with a flair for performance.

Performing Arts - Music

William M
Sonny T
Alice Y

Creative Arts - Art

Elizabeth L

Sport Colours: Awarded to children who demonstrate excellence over at least one season in the top school teams.


Lachlan F
Fergus O'C


Louie L
Fergus O'C
Tommy O
Jake T


Caitlin W


    Colour tie:  Awarded to those who have been awarded colours in five main sports for boys and four main sports for girls.

    All Rounder Colours: Awarded to a true all rounder, who has achieved colours in at least four of the six areas.