Boarding Round-Up


Boarders' Bonfire Night

Sparklers of joy, fireworks and flames filled the pitches at Westbourne House as we celebrated the annual Boarders’ Bonfire Night. 

Marwell Zoo

From the ultra-sweet Meerkats to the towering, gorgeous giraffes, the boarders had a fun final weekend outing to Marwell Zoo. Houseparent Mr Smith said: “The encounters with the animals were so close and special. The boarders had a lovely time, out in the fresh air, following the gnome trail and seeing the animals.”

Mrs Smith disagreed that the air was fresh! She added: “The rhino had terrible wind and one of our boarders thought it was Mr Smith! We had hot chocolates half way round and enjoyed the festive lights.”

Brighton's Royal Pavilion and ice skating

After a delicious Sunday roast "with the BEST roast potatoes ever" at school, the boarders headed off to Brighton to go ice skating at the Royal Pavilion with Houseparents Miss Lane and Mr Cooke. Some of the boarders had never skated before, a few had been once or twice, but by the end they were all skating successfully around and four people were even working on how to skate backwards. Afterwards, they headed off to a quirky independent cafe in The Lanes, before heading to Brighton Pier to complete their Brighton experience!

Christmas in the boarding houses

Whenever we ask our boarders why they love boarding at Westbourne - the most common response is “It’s just SO fun!”.

“It’s everything wrapped up in one!” said one boarder. “Your friends, fun things to do, hilarious moments, tuck, chatting and more chatting, sharing funny stories, being together and making really special memories.”