Mark Forsyth

Head of ICT
"BEd (Hons) (Gloucester) "

I joined Westbourne House in September 2013 as Head of ICT and my wife and I moved in to Orchard Lodge as houseparents of the new boys boarding house. More recently, I have taken on the Head of Boarding role.

My passion for boarding stems from my own experiences as a boarding pupil at Westbourne House and the great memories I have of all the fun experiences that boarding provides. The balance of providing time for academic work, structured activities and free time is key to successful boarding; along with sleeping and eating! At whatever stage a child first experiences boarding it is essential that we provide a safe, happy and positive environment in which they can flourish.

Prior to relocating to West Sussex I was Head of ICT and part of the boarding and senior management teams at Pinewood School in Wiltshire. I gained a Bachelor of Education degree from the University of Gloucestershire in 2005 having spent a number of years working in the financial industry.

I am also a Y7/8 form teacher, Y7/8 form tutor, houseparent and boys' sport teacher.