Scholarships & Bursaries

Westbourne House School holds a reputation for excellence in academics, music, sport and creative arts, as testified by the long list of scholarships won at major public schools in each of these areas.  Through our scholarship scheme we aim to attract and promote talent. 

Westbourne House is a vibrant, innovative, supportive and sensitive environment where children feel happy, safe and cared for. We create endless opportunities for children to find their talents and build skills; it is an unforgettable and exciting journey of discovery that builds execeptional confidence and a real 'can do' attitude.  Excellent teaching and facilities provide the framework for this development, coupled with a pastoral system, which fosters the individual.  Children here are encouraged to develop independence in thought and organisation.

Scholarship awards are intended to open access to the unique educational experience at Westbourne House, irrespective of parental means.  Award winners will receive a limited fee reduction in recognition of their achievements and they will benefit from a newly initiated enrichment programme.  Those who require additional financial assistance in order to take up their scholarship place may apply for a means-tested bursary.


The Maurice Ellis Music Scholarship

Music is a central feature of Westbourne House life.  Facilities are excellent, with a purpose built music school and a theatre complex.  Our director of music and his team direct the numerous choirs, ensembles, bands and orchestras, as well as managing an extensive individual tuition programme.  A number of music scholarships are available to children entering Years 3 and 4.  Awards are made up to 20% of the school fees, in addition to free musical tuition.

Assessments for the 2019-20 school year will take place on Thursday, 7th March 2019,

Deadline for applications: 25 February 2019

Contact to register your interest.


The Sharman Academic Scholarship

The Sharman Academic Scholarship is open to all children entering Year 3 (7+) at Westbourne House. Candidates are expected to demonstrate high academic potential and intellectual curiosity.  Awards will initially be offered for Years 3-6, but may be continued on merit to Year 8.  Up to three scholarships are awarded, each with a value of up to 15% of the fees.

Assessments for the 2019-20 school year will take place on Saturday, 23rd February 2019,

Deadline for applications: 11 February 2019

Contact to register your interest.



In addition to the above awards, we would always be interested to hear from the parents of children with strong talents in academics, music or sport. An award may be made for one discipline, or a child who has strong all round abilities may be considered. All award recipients must be of good academic ability, or show strong potential.

Awards may be made for children going into any of Years 4-7, subject to space being available. All awards will be means-tested, and so the fees set will be entirely dependent on the family’s ability to pay. Awards may be up to 100% of the fees, subject to an independent assessment, which will take account of income and assets.

All children will sit an academic assessment in English, Maths and cognitive areas, as well as their area of specialism. Assessments will take place in the easter term and summer term, although parents should contact us at any time in order to register their interest.

The number of awards made will not be fixed and is at the discretion of the school.

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