The support and care of the individual is of primary importance at Westbourne

All the staff have a role to play in the pastoral care of the children. The Headmaster and his wife retain an overview of the pupils and two Senior Tutors are responsible for the overall pastoral welfare of all pupils in Years 5 to 8. The Head of the Pre-Prep (Pre-Nursery to Year 2) and the Head of the Junior Department (Years 3 and 4) oversee their pastoral teams as well as maintaining close contact with the children in their departments.

In the younger years (Pre-Nursery to Year 4), the primary support for the individual is the Form Teacher. In Year 5 and 6 a Form Teacher remains the primary pastoral carer, however the children are taught by a different teacher in each subject area. Small groups of around 16 meet daily with their Form Teacher, plus an extended form period on Wednesdays, during which Circle Time and Life Skills activities provide the framework for social and personal development. The first port of call for parents who wish to discuss the progress of their child is usually the Form Teacher.  In Years 7 and 8, the children are assigned a Tutor, with whom the child will meet on an individual basis each week to discuss their academic progress and general welfare.

Within the boarding community, there are many residential staff, including House Parents, Matrons and Gap Students as well as academic staff, all of whom support the boarders during their time at school. The Matrons’ Department, headed by qualified nurses, oversees all the medical requirements of the school on a daily basis, as well as providing TLC as required.

Furthermore, the Support Staff all have a close interest in the well-being of the children.

Finally, Friends, a team of carefully chosen Year 8s who are peer-group counselling trained, are on hand to offer support and counsel during breaks and lunches. Regularly approached by youngsters, this group received the highest praise during our recent inspection.

The Westbourne Way

  • Be the best that you can be
  • Help others to be the best that they can be
  • Enjoy life and include others
  • Be kind, honest and truthful
  • Be respectful
  • Persevere

"Learning4Life" at Westbourne House

"Learning4Life", known as PSHCE in many schools forms a vital part of the pastoral life at Westbourne. Structured sessions are delivered in the pre-prep and prep school. The material covers PSHCE, Citizenship and six strands of Well-Being:

  • Being physically and mentally fit
  • Having purpose
  • Recognising strengths
  • Having perspective
  • Forming strong relationships
  • Living in a sustainable environment

The course is designed to encourage young people to cope with the hurdles of the 21st century comfortably and find reward in their lives. It covers all of the requirements for PSHCE and takes a positive line in encouraging practical skills such as mindfulness. Sessions are taken by the children's tutors or form teachers who know them well.


The Social, Moral, Spiritual and Cultural aspects of the school are closely monitored to ensure that the whole school is offering opportunities to gain the widest experience of life weaving the curriculum and extra curricular activities to form a coherent programme of assemblies, extramural visits and speakers. This tapestry includes a detailed leadership programme, philosophical exploration through religious studies, charity work and numerous cultural opportunities offered throughout the curriculum. Chapel takes place on Saturday morning when the whole school gets an opportunity to reflect and worship.

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