Head's Welcome

The Westbourne House Nursery and Pre-Prep is devoted to providing an outstanding start to your child’s education in a warm and supportive environment that is designed to foster a love of learning and to help produce children who develop as rounded and self-disciplined individuals. 

We strive to create an inclusive sense of community among children, teachers, parents and grandparents, and believe that this sense of a wider family, combined with our friendly and informal atmosphere, help to support and to nurture young children. This in turn allows our children to succeed personally, socially and academically.

Our children leave the Pre-Prep confident and enthusiastic about learning, and with the feeling that they can succeed and achieve anything. More specifically, our staff are carefully chosen and highly experienced, and provide enjoyable, carefully planned and stimulating learning opportunities tailored to every child in their care. 

We are careful to allow children to develop at their own pace, but while encouraging individual interests and responding to individual needs, we provide a rich, structured and wide-ranging curriculum designed to engage young minds and develop essential skills and an understanding of the world around them. 

We also offer a wide range of extra-curricular activities and tailored learning which prepare children for their smooth transition to the Prep School. 

Considerable effort and thought is given to make your child’s years at Westbourne House fulfilling, happy and successful at many levels. Above all, we want our children to come into school every morning with smiles on their faces and be reluctant to leave at the end of the day.

Prospective parents are warmly encouraged to visit the Pre-Prep to see the school in action, and to meet me and my staff to discuss any aspects of the school or their children’s individual requirements.

Victoria Homewood

Head of the Pre-Prep



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