Co-Curricular Activities

The School prides itself on its range of extra curricular activities. We aim to give the children the opportunity to participate in a large number of sports and activities and to develop their skills in a wide range of interests.

Activities currently on offer include golf, judo, cooking, table tennis, snooker, indoor games, drama, dance, kayaking, chess, photography, gymnastics, fencing and general knowledge. The Summer Term schedule is below.

Boarders have additional opportunities during the evening. There are regular visits by outside speakers and drama groups, and all children have opportunities to act on the stage either in Form plays or major school productions.

All children from Years 4-8 take part in an Outdoor Education Trip each year.  These include a variety of outdoor pursuits, including climbing, abseiling, kayaking and team building activities. The programme begins with a one night stay in the New Forest for Year 4, and ends with a week on Dartmoor for Year 8.

Easter Term Extra Activities - Prep School

Y3&4: 5.00 - 5.40pm (Grade 1)

Y5-8: 6.20 - 7.00pm (Grade 2)

Speech & Drama

Y3&4: 4.30 - 5.30pm

Y7&8: 5.30 - 6.30pm

Hip Hop Fusion Y3-8: 5.40-6.20pm
Debating Y7&8: 5.30-6.30pm

Y3&4: 4.30 - 5.30pm

Y5-8: 5.30 - 6.30pm


Y3&4: 4.30 - 5.30pm

Y5-8: 5.30 - 6.30pm

Speech & Drama

Y7&8: 5.30-6.30pm


Y3&4: 4.30 - 5.30pm

Y5&6: 5.30 - 6.30pm

Debating Y5&6: 5.30-6.30pm
Judo Y3-8: 4.15 - 5.00pm
Chelsea FC Football Club

Y3&4: 4.45 - 5.45pm

Y5-8: 5.45 - 6.45pm

Swimming Club Y3&4: 4.45 - 5.30pm
Tap Modern & Street Dance

Y3&4: Modern 4.45 - 5.15pm    Tap 6.00 - 6.30pm

Y3-8: Street Dance: 5.30 - 6.00pm

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