Boarding at Westbourne House

Boarding at Westbourne House has given my children the chance to grow in independence, learning how to organise themselves (mostly!), to get on with different people, to sort out problems for themselves, all in a familiar, fun and safe environment.

Parent of boarders

The Westbourne Boarding community aims to create a safe, supportive and fun environment for the children, in order for them to develop into caring, self reliant, confident individuals.  

We believe that a child’s education at Westbourne House is significantly enhanced when they board – be it for one night in Year 4 or weekly in Year 8. It is often a child’s first taste of true independence. The children are responsible for the work they need to do, and need to be prepared for the next day. They choose how to spend their free time and have to look after their belongings. Along the way, they become more organised, they learn to motivate themselves and start believing in their own abilities.

Boarding is also great fun. The children have a wonderful time, making lifelong friends with whom they explore the grounds, make use of the facilities ‘out of hours’ and take part in our activities and outings.

We expect our boarders to support one another, to be kind, considerate and respectful and we work with our children to build a strong community spirit. 

Prep School children may become boarders at any age, and boarding at Westbourne House is a fantastic introduction to life as part of a boarding community. Currently around 100 children in the Prep School board part-time or weekly.

More information is available about the following aspects of boarding at Westbourne House:

Part-time, weekly, full-time and weekend boarding options

Boarders activities, including the Boarders’ Adventure Badge programme

Boarding accommodation

Pastoral care for boarders

Parents Guide to Boarding

Pupils Guide to Boarding

“Boarders are articulate and exuberant in their appreciation of boarding at the school.” - ISI report, 2016

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